My name is Jenny and I'm here to support English speakers of the Haut-St-François in accessing services, and to promote the general well-being of the community.


Do you want to:

  • Find services in English

  • Know about free and/or local activities

  • Get information about an organization or a service

  • Have someone join you for your first appointment or visit to an organization (e.g. moral support, translation)

  • Get tools to support you as a parent of young children

  • Share an idea/project you have with the community

  • Be a welcoming place for English speakers to come

Just call me and see what we can do!


Community Outreach Worker

© 2019 Haut-Saint-François fou de ses enfants

Tél. : 819 588-2018

Le HSF fou de ses enfants est financé par :

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